Safety of my home

The following is categorically prohibited:

Installation and operation of all the gas-based heaters and water heating devices (except for the gas stove), while using of which taking of the air necessary for burning and the burning products are not suck out by means of the chimneys (burning products remain in the premises);

Plundering of the natural gas with any equipment and by any method: removal of the seal on the gas meter, attempt to drop the indication;

Use of non-standard self-made equipment and technical burners of all types;

Willful installation, movement, connection of the gas equipment and the gas piping, change of the gas piping, putting under plaster, cement solution, wallpaper, wood panel, racks, tiles, covering with ventilation lattice (destruction);

Use of the natural gas in case of absence of the gas equipment locking devices, chimney and ventilation channels;

Leaving of the burning gas equipment without surveillance;

Use of the open air with the purpose of revelation of the gas leakage from the gas pipe or the gas equipment;

Use of the premises for rest or sleep, where the gas equipment is installed, except for the rooms, in which the heating stove foreseen with the state standard might be installed;

Use of the ventilation channels for the chimneys (before installation of the heaters or the water heating devices, arrange check of the chimneys and the ventilation pipes by the specific organizations, regarding which the act of the verified form shall be issued);

Installation of the water heating and all the gas-based equipment in bathrooms.

Remember that:

Failure to implement the safety rules endangers not only natural gas customer but also neighbors of the latter.

The customers are held responsible for operating of the gas household equipment at the dwelling houses.

The Company KazTransGas - Tbilisi LLC is not held responsible for the outcomes of non-implementation of these safety rules by the citizens.

For your safety follow gas utilization safety rules!



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